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Week of June 11, 2023

Juneteenth Celebration took place on Saturday. It was wonderful to hear the speakers share their stories, the history of Juneteenth and our town's founding. About 150 people attended the celebration of freedom in Washington Park.

Met with JP Anderson, the Executive Director of Choice Regional Health Network. Choice is one of the funders of services in our community. Helping our funders understand our local challenges and the impact of their funding in our community is an important aspect of addressing the on-going concerns related to our transient population. We need to help our funders invest in programs that serve the community.

Attended the Main Street tour. Our downtown is a member of the Main Street Program that supports funding for several projects to improve downtown. Members of the Washington State level association were in town to see our progress.

Attended the City Council meeting - we're working to enact an ordinance that will make it illegal to park RVs on the street. Another tool to address issues emerging in our community. This was delayed in order to hear from the Homeless Committee, but will be back on the agenda in July.

The Housing Committee met with a focus on our vision of establishing a trail system through town to connect our neighborhoods and establish neighborhood hubs. We worked on mapping possible hubs and locations.

Got the Housing Dashboard published so that everyone can see where housing projects are in our community. Housing in Centralia | Centralia, WA (

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