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Week of June 26, 2023

Big news of the week: Papa Pete's rubble was cleared! This was a win for the city, as we found a way to get this cleared even though the owner was dragging his feet on it.

City Council this week: I posted the agenda and meeting information per usual. Council received the Homeless Committee report, a presentation on Blue Zones and information on Founders Day. We approved the permanent closure of Pine Street for the Pine St Plaza to stay open year round.

Attended the Lewis County Young Professionals Kick-Off at the Juice Box. Incredible energy with this group of emerging leaders! So excited to see how they connect and contribute in our community.

Multiple 1:1 meetings with constituents and business owners to discuss concerns related to homelessness and crime. Shared the work the city is doing to address it on several fronts.

City launched a new feature showing code enforcement process and providing an easy way to report concerns: Code Enforcement | Centralia, WA (

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